Three Tips for Choosing Help in a Corporate Crisis

Three Tips for Choosing Help in a Corporate Crisis

Businesses with problems need someone who solves problems. In the corporate world, problems come in all forms from product recall, gun violence to the dismissal of high ranking officials. Finding the right problem solver often means reaching outside the company for someone with experience and an objective look at the issue – a professional.

Tip 1
Find someone offering a creative approach and who will tell you need to hear. Effective crisis management methods require a different approach when everything and everyone is going crazy. Look and find the best Crisis expert that think around and through the problem to develop solutions that work.

Tip 2
Choose someone who offers time sensitive solutions. “Timing is everything” is a very common term but couldn’t be more true in a crisis. With today’s fast paced 24-hour media cycle, the climate around an issue can change rapidly. You want the person that reacts quickly to maximize or minimize coverage of the issue immediately.

Tip 3
Choose someone that will continue to work to show their value. It is important to offer solutions past the resolution of the issue to propel your company forward. The success of many companies can hinge on how well they show after the crisis is over. Effective crisis managers recognize that the work is far from done and will have a post crisis action plan prepared to jump into action quickly.

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Alice Gordon Holloway is an award-winning business communicator, corporate facilitator, trainer and executive problem solver for Skye Connect Incorporated. A nationally recognized supplier relations and diversity manager, and Communications and branding leader, she manages crisis and risk communications for companies, and consults on supply chain/vendor alignment strategies. Find her expressing her views on #BusinessCrisis and other topics on Twitter at @theAliceConnect.

Alice M. Gordon Holloway

Results Oriented and Hands On. Those characteristics are what describe, Alice M. Gordon Holloway, Chief Executive Officer for Skye Connect Incorporated and Adjunct Business Professor, who firmly believes, “what gets measured gets done.” This four-time serial entrepreneur is known for identifying practical but methodical approaches to solving problems for major corporations and national organizations. “We are always looking ahead and creating innovative techniques to help businesses operate more efficiently. If you need help, experience Skye Connect.”

Alice, Executive Problem Solver 

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