We Train and Develop Groups and Employees and even cyborgs too.

Training is essential! Training is how one gets better at their job and improve performance. It is a key aspect of success and can predict an employee’s success at work or on a project. Until we become cyborgs and possess a third eye, enhancing your skills will never go away. We train and develop to ensure your skill set will always be in fashion, which is an important component of your business success

But we all learn differently. Some like face-to-face, some prefer online and short webinars. Skye Connect offers each platform to deliver successful training. Keeping employees skills keen, understanding a new product, or charting a new course at the office to kick off the new year means you must have communication. Not only communicating but training and developing your people to fully focus on the key message.

We understand that sitting in an all-day class or attending a webinar maybe challenging for some to manage. At Skye Connect Incorporated we provide training that is interactive, engaging with clear goals and solid content curriculum. Some employees may battle boredom and often zone out in training class. Our sessions are focused and engaging with unique delivery styles. We use the best and most advanced technology to deliver the message.

A few of the classes offered by Skye Connect Incorporated includes:

• Serving Customers with Excellence

• Skills and How To Sessions

• Vendor and Diversity Programs.

We have held training sessions for the following:

• Airports

• Automotive Industries

• Universities
Non-Profit Organizations

• Transportation industry

Training on business relationships

Training from client's perspective