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Conflict Resolution and Crisis Communications Management

Lets face it a crisis in business is unexpected. At any given moment a business can experience an external or internal crisis that can transform the image and negatively impact every aspect of the organization. Because of the unpredictability and uncomfortable nature of a crisis, having a clear plan to guide your team is a vital element to navigate through a crisis to avoid destroying the brand and reputation of your company.

Skye Connect Incorporated understands the urgency that comes with managing a crisis. Our team is committed to working with our clients to create an immediate strategy from start to finish. Our goal is to PREPARE clients for the issue and PROTECT and PRESERVE your brand. Period.


We serve as a trusted advisor and implementer in the areas of Crisis and Risk Management and Executive Conflict Resolution to help protect your brand.

    • Evaluate the Situation– We carefully assess the crisis and determine all risks associated during this time. This is where we answer all the “WHAT Ifs” associated with the crisis and formulate a thorough plan of action.
    • Design Strategy – We craft a comprehensive and tactical roadmap to navigate throughout the crisis and beyond. We understand that eyes are watching and use a systematic approach to effectively guide the process when time is critical.  situational assessment evaluation
    • Train /Prepare/Support – ​We offer support on site and remotely for effective messaging, reputation monitoring, media relations to develop an overall blueprints to protect your brand.
    • Post Crisis – Build sustainable long-term crisis plan step by step framework

Supply Chain Integration/Supplier Diversity & Diversity and Inclusion Programs

Skye Connect Incorporated develops key procurement metrics & analytical assessments for efficient tracking, measurements and spend and category analysis. As an award winning industry expert, Skye Connect incorporates game-changing trends and industry best practices to a client’s Supplier Diversity and Supply Chain Management Program. Our clients trust us to provide insight and improve the integration process of Supplier Development, Vendor Alignment and Supplier Diversity Programs.

  • Create Supplier Onboarding Process and Scorecard dashboards
  • Coordinate Second Tier Implementation
  • Incorporate strategies that market to diverse businesses
  • Promote Economic Diversity, good faith program and opportunities and supplier diversity initiatives

Business Training & Employee Workshop Development

Skye Connect Incorporated offers 55 interactive, best practice, engaging workshops and  training sessions that keep clients coming back. We are dedicated to ensuring that every client is treated with special attention and their requests are handled efficiently and responsively with positive outcomes that are result-oriented results. Our sessions are memorable and drives home the training for long term retention for the session attendees.

  • Develop Training modules for effective classroom and workforce presentations
  • Customized scenarios and engagement activities
  • Captivate audience through thought-provoking and lively sessions
  • Provide instantaneous solutions which impact businesses outcomes and results

Let us begin training your employees. Call Skye Connect to see our digital catalogue.

Event Management

Skye Connect Incorporated helps to serve as the Event Planning and Management team handling all logistics from the idea stage through execution. We understand that  meetings and events bring people together for a common purpose. With Skye Connect Team as your Event Management company we understand the impact these type of activities have on your guests and work to ensure the purpose is achieved seamlessly with one goal in mind: to make the event run smoothly.

  • Develop a framework of expectations and outcomes
  • Draft and manage the message development with creative content and design services
  • Build relationships through database management and partnerships
  • Facilitate the event to ensure accurate flow and timing

Strategic Board Retreats and Executive Facilitation

Skye Connect has effectively led and coordinated all elements of Board and Strategic Planning session for Executive Leadership Retreat, Team Building, Employee Meetings and Corporate Strategic Planning Sessions for companies in the private, governmental and non-profit sectors. We are the business strategist who work directly with the C-Suite Executives, Corporate Managers and Board of Directors to drive results throughout the organization.

  • Research Statistical and Organizational data points with key stakeholders
  • Develop Organizational Framework to deliver organization outcomes
  • Manage and develop the Strategic Plan and Planning Process
  • Work directly with Senior Leadership through a Visioning process

Public Relations & Content Development Services

Skye Connect Incorporated works on the “What’s” and “How’s” of messaging, visualization, critical assessments of current material and image development. Skye Connect works closely with the client to provide strategic, yet attention grabbing content development & visual designs that will enhance the company’s brand. Our clients have grown accustomed to our unconventional yet proven public relations techniques. We also write video scripts and produce promotional event based commercials.

  • Create action based plan of message development with timelines
  • Design and draft creative elements that correlate with the client’s goal
  • Review analytical and insight data to determine content effectiveness
  • Develop highly effective written content development using decades of public relations and marketing experience

Consumer/Employee Automated Polling Research

Skye Connect Incorporated provides an in-depth and holistic view of your organization through an array of analytical data by utilizing our unique, emoji based Smart Survey Kiosk. Skye Connect has introduced the Smart Survey Polling Device that is a data collection machine, geared toward businesses and organization, who want to “know was their customers, employees or stakeholders” think of them.

  • Receive unlimited responses with one click
  • Provides innovative technology that is easy to use and user-friendly
  • Compile and Share Survey Results to clients
  • Present recommendations based on Survey Results to enhance the client’s vision